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Sunday, April 2, 2023 11 Nisan 5783

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The weekly Torah portion is a great unifier of our people, with Jews the world over reading the same words of Torah week after week. These words serve as connection to our shared history, as well as inspiration regarding current events and personal life events.

With fresh and creative insights based on traditional sources, Parashah Sheleimah opens a multi-faceted window to the weekly Torah reading — for all events and all occasions — divided into ten categories for each parashah.

Available volumes:

  • Bereishis
  • Sehemos

In Conflict & Resolution in the Early Prophets, Rabbi Allen Schwartz compiles, categorizes, and explains over 100 seeming violations of Torah law in the books of Joshua, Judges, and Samuel. The Tanna’im and Amoraim were acutely aware of these apparent violations and in some cases, were courageously open about criticizing the heroes of the Bible. In other cases, they fiercely fought to acquit the biblical characters from any wrongdoing. Rabbi Schwartz’s unique work is filled with unexpected interpretations, and is ideal for anyone who wants to understand these characters, as well as the perspectives of the Talmudic and Medieval Rabbis, more deeply. A satisfying and engaging read!

Written with fascinating explanations based on Jewish sources, the Four Sons Haggadah shares four parallel approaches to each subject discussed. With short and inspiring answers to the Haggadah’s key questions, this unique volume is really four Haggadahs in one.

The Four Sons Haggadah: Rabbi Alan Schwartz: 9781946351708:  Books

$15 - Conflict & Resolution

$18 - Rokeach on Mishlei (Hebrew) -

$20 - The 4 Sons Hagadah

$20 - Parashah Sheleimah - Bereishis

$20 - Parashah Sheleimah - Shemos

$95- Donation receives all books complimentary

For deliveries, postage will be charged separately.




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Sun, March 26 2023 4 Nisan 5783