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Capital Campaign

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Dear Friends:

The Capital Campaign is NOW, and it’s our turn to restore the shul! With thriving programming for all ages, we are embarking on a full campaign to restore our exterior and renovate our interior infrastructure.

As you know, the boiler is out of commission and the Bet Medrash will turn cold if we don’t fix it right away. We want to replace the boiler with a modern split system- the drawings and plans are already in place. The boiler room will be converted into badly needed storage space. (Ever notice all the stuff we store in the hallways?). 

As you have seen in the lobby, we can make the Bet Medrash elegant, and fix the crumbling infrastructure.

This is no joke - YOU could claim a real part of rebuilding OZ. That's right- you! Not some other!

At a minimum, we expect everyone to match their Kol Nidrei pledge for the next five years. We must raise $3 Million.

For those who can give more, we have the following naming opportunities-

  • Mezuzah - $10,000 - SOLD OUT
  • Back Yard BBQ - $15,000
  • Kitchen - $18,000 - SOLD OUT
  • Classroom - $20,000
  • Office Suite - $30,000
  • Sukkah - $25,000
  • Lobby - $50,000 - SOLD OUT
  • Aron Kodesh - $100,000
  • Stained Glass - $150,000
  • Library - Bet Medrash - $250,000 - SOLD OUT
  • Bet Medrash - $500,000 - SOLD OUT
  • Main Sanctuary - $1 Million

Please contact me at for more info,

Dr. Ari Weitzner


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Capital Campaign

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Mon, November 28 2022 4 Kislev 5783