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9 Days Schedule

Sunday, August 7, 2022 10 Av 5782

All Day

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    • Monday Siyum & Shiur
    • TNLP Annual Siyum
    • Zoom Eichah
    • Kumsitz: Yearning for Yerushalayim
    • Tisha B'Av Schedule
    • 3 Weeks Kollel
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Special Events

Three Weeks Kollel w/R’ Schwartz

  • Monday –Thursday, until August 4
  • 7:45a: Exploring Megillas Eichah
  • 8:00a: Topics in Taanis Yerushalmi

Outdoor Siyum & Shiur w/Rav Kidron

TNLP Siyum + Chinese Dinner

Kumsitz: Yearning for Yerushalayim

  • Saturday Night, August 6,
  • following Maariv & Eichah
  • with Rabbi Jack Varon
  • and Chazan Ari Mandelbaum

Kids Crafts + More - Tisha B'Av Morning

Tisha B'Av Schedule

Shabbos Chazon | August 6, 2022

  • 7:30a Hashkama Minyan
  • 9:15a Main Sanctuary Minyan
  • 10:00a Youth Groups
  • 11:15a Kiddush in the Social Hall
  • 5:00p Early Mincha
  • * Shalosh Seudos at Home
  • 8:06p Fast Starts (Shkiah)
  • 8:56p Shabbos Concludes (HaMavdil)
  • 9:05p Maariv & Eichah in the Main Shul
  • Zoom Option
  • 9:50p Kumsitz: Yearning for Yerushalayim - w/Rabbi Varon & Chazan Ari Mandelbaum

Tisha B'Av | Sunday August 7, 2022

  • 7:00a Shacharis & Kinnos
  • 9:00a Shacharis & Kinnos
  • 11:00a Youth Dept. in Social Hall
  • 11:45a Shiur with Rabbi Allen Schwartz: What we’re allowed to Learn on Tisha B’Av
  • 1:02p Chatzos (Midday)
  • 1:45p Early Mincha
  • 1:45p Zoom Annual UN Isaiah Wall Mincha: (, passcode: wall; or dial in (646) 558-8656, meeting ID 82365820447, passcode: wall)
  • 2:30p Chofetz Chaim Heritage Foundation
  • 4:00p Video: Shangahi Ghetto
  • 5:30p Video: No Place On Earth
  • 7:00p Shiur with Rabbi Allen Schwartz: Yirmiyahu - The Figure of Tragedy
  • 7:50p Mincha & Dvar Torah
  • 8:45p Maariv
  • 8:55p Fast Ends & Havdalah

Partner Presentations & Programs:

Rabbi's Guidelines

  • There are no food restrictions in the meal (Shalosh Seudos) before the fast: we may have meat, wine, and any number of dishes. We may eat in a large groups and bentsch with a mezuman. No symbolicly mournful foods are eaten.
  • Shalosh Seudos should conclude before sunset (8:06pm), which is when the fast starts. Shabbos Mincha at OZ will meet early (5:00pm) to facilitate the timing of this meal. Maariv will begin at 9:05pm
  • Shoes worn for Tisha B’Av should be prepared before Shabbos. If one forgot to prepare shoes in advance, recite ‘HaMavdil’ at 8:56pm and wear them to shul.
  • Ata Chonantanu is recited at Maariv, but Havdala is made after the fast. No melacha should be performed until after Maariv or reciting Hamavdil. Only Borei Morei HaEish is recited on Motzei Shabbos, preferably before Eichah.
  • If one must eat or drink during the Fast, Havdala should be recited first over Orange or Apple Juice - not Wine or Grape Juice. This Havdalah begins with Shehakol and skips Besamim.
  • Nursing mothers or pregnant women who are disturbed by the effects of the fast should please ask for specific details about how to approach the fast.
  • After the Fast, we may not eat until Havdala, which begins with Borei Pri haGefen, skipping Besmamim and HaEish. Ata Chonantanu is not recited in Maariv after Tisha B’Av, and Kiddush Levana is recited Sunday night.
  • Restrictions conclude with the Fast — But Do not have Meat or Wine at Break-fast
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Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784