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OZ - Membership Message #6 - Rabbi's Message

03/18/2020 11:50:22 AM


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Dear OZ family,

Yesterday I read a prediction made by a well known commentator that the Coronavirus will cause a breakdown in civil society. I prefer what I read in the NY Sun, in a piece by Ira Stoll, who predicts an amazing outbreak of compassion in the coming days and weeks. From the calls and emails I’m receiving from the people so many of you have called and helped, we have already seen this more rosy prediction. Many older New Yorkers recall the last two major power outages in our city. They both occurred in the swelter of summer, and had a sharp contrast. In 1977 there was widespread looting and general mayhem. In 2004, there were countless acts of compassion all over the city, and incredibly selfless acts of chesed all around. We became a different city in between and I believe we are still that same city.

We must be pro-active in finding ways to be helpful for those in need. Please keep calling the elders you were assigned to contact. I don’t have an engagement to announce in our community but we can all join a recent YU Connects couple, Chavi Kelemer and Andrew Davidsburg in our wishes for Mazel tov. On a sadder note, we extend nechama to Sylvia Lefkowitz on the passing of her husband, Martin. I have visited them over the years. Sylvia’s # is 646-382-4567.

The Mishna Berura and Rav Moshe Feinstein agree that it is preferable to daven Shacharis alone at vasikin than to daven with a minyan before or after. Vasikin means we reach the amida at sunrise (netz), which is now just about 7am. Of course that time gets earlier day by day. Click HERE for daily OZ Zmanim.

May we soon be able to enjoy the luxury of communal prayer.

With blessings of good health and tranquility.

Be safe.

Rabbi Schwartz


Fri, July 3 2020 11 Tammuz 5780