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OZ Weekly - Vayakhel-Pekudei / HaChodesh + Zoom Kabbalat Shabbat!

03/20/2020 01:39:35 PM


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Mazel Tov

  • On the engagement of Rachel Traurig to Josh Rothberger
  • Nicole & Brett Gartenberg, who were blessed with a baby girl, Sara Feiga
  • Helen & Harry Gross who were blessed with a great-grandson, born to their grandchildren Jonah and Deena
  • To Pia and Paul Rubin on the birth of a granddaughter, Batsheva Emma, to Tziporah and Danny Fried.

Baruch Dayan Emet

  • Sylvia Lefkowitz on the passing of her husband, Martin. For condolence calls, Sylvia’s # is 646-382-4567.

Shabbat VaYakhel Pekudei 5780

Shabbat Mevarchim - Shabbat HaChodesh


  • 9:30am - Tomchei Shabbat Pick-Up
  • 5:53pm - Plag HaMincha
  • 6:00pm - ZOOM Family Friendly Tot Shabbat Program with Erez Cohen
  • 6:15pm - ZOOM OZ Kabbalat Shabbat with Allen Katz
  • 6:51pm - Candle Lighting
  • 7:59pm - Tzeit HaKochavim


  • 6:56am - Netz HaChama
  • 9:59am - Latest Shema
  • 1:03pm - Chatzot
  • 7:10pm - Shkiah
  • 8:00pm - Havdalah / Tzeit HaKochavim
  • 8:30pm - ZOOM Community Havdalah & Kumsitz with Erez Cohen


  • Observed Wednesday Night / Thursday - Yomi Chamishi
  • Molad will be seen Tuesday, March 24 at 10:14am and 11 Chalakim

OZ - Partners in Caring Social Work Session

  • Thursday, March 26 & April 2 @ 5:00pm - ZOOM Live at Five with Jane Blumenstein LMSW

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Guest Dvar Torah by Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, Hashkama Minyan

The parasha opens with the word “vayakel” ויקהל . The alternative verbs קבץ or a.s.f. אסף are not used.  Rashi notes that vayakel is in the hifil, because, in contrast to the other two verbs that would be in the kal, it indicates causation. Moshe caused the people to gather together by speaking to them. He did not actually physically bring them together; they gathered themselves together.

People should not be passively gathered like grain.  Free human beings can only be summoned and respond to speech, to a call or invitation, by coming freely. Natural needs and desires often drive the formation of social life. 

We accept this.

But, to be fully human means to transcend them, to make our relationships “ more than “merely natural”.  One way to do this is to use speech to summon and invite others.  We offer the possibility of mutual life and presence. Our freely reaching out to each other is the true beginning of all important human projects and relationships.


Thu, June 24 2021 14 Tammuz 5781