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OZ Weekly - Tzav 5780 + Views from the Pews

04/03/2020 11:22:58 AM


Stay Tuned for Pesach Email 5780 with

  • Shabbat HaGadol Drasha Source Sheet (Rabbi Schwartz's Drasha on Monday at 8pm)
  • Chametz Sale Deadline
  • Fast of the First Born Times & Zoom
  • Pesach Zmanim, including Chametz times
  • Chol HaMoed Hallel & Reading

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Mazel Tov

  • Robbie & Johanna Herskowitz on the birth of a granddaughter, to their children, Jacob & Jessamyn
  • Jeremy and Katie Zisholtz, on the birth of a baby boy.
  • Judy & Lenny Bloom, on the marriage of their daughter, Jenny to Jaki Levy


  • Deni & Joe Helmreich on the loss of Joe’s father, William Helmreich z'l
  • Michelle Roufa & Rabbi Eliyahu Teitz and family, on the passing of Michelle’s father Alan Roufa z'l
  • Ann Arbesfeld,  Pnina Arbesfeld, Dr. David Arbesfeld, Michelle & Eli Salig, and Dr. Benjy & Sara Arbesfeld, on the passing of Rabbi Hyman Arbesfeld z'l
  • David Ilan, on the passing of his father Alex Hoch z'l

Thank You

  • To the Leadership & Volunteers of Ohab Zedek for organizing Catered Pesach Meals, shopping for the homebound, preparing Dry Goods Packages, and delivering Pesach Food to those in need 
  • Jane Blumenstein, LMSW, for conducting our Thursday 'Live @ Five' Synagogue Zoom Check-Ins

Shabbat Tzav 5780


  • 6:04pm - Plag HaMincha
  • 5:30pm - ZOOM Family Friendly Tot Shabbat Program with Erez Cohen
  • 6:15pm - ZOOM OZ Kabbalat Shabbat with Allen Katz
  • 7:06pm - Candle Lighting
  • 7:24pm - Shkiah (Sunset)
  • 8:14pm - Tzeit HaKochavim (Night Fall)


  • 6:33am - Netz HaChama
  • 9:46am - Latest Shema
  • 12:5-pm - Chatzot
  • 7:25pm - Shkiah
  • 8:15pm - Havdalah / Tzeit HaKochavim
  • 8:30pm - ZOOM Community Havdalah & Kumsitz with Erez Cohen

Upcoming Events:

  • Daf Yomi - click HERE for the Conference Call Info
  • Mishna & Maariv (This Week Sunday-Tuesday @ 7:45pm) - click HERE
  • Sunday, April 5, 10am - Zoom Tot Tefillah with Nava Silton-Brandwein - click HERE
  • Sunday, April 5, 7pm - Hagaddah: Pesach, Education, & Family with Rabbi Varon - Click HERE
  • Monday, April 6, 8pm - Shabbat HaGadol Drasha with Rabbi Schwartz - Click HERE
  • Tuesday, April 7, - Tuesday Night Learning - click HERE for class info
  • Taanit Bechorot Siyums at 7am, 8am, 9am, 10am (+ Biyur) - Click HERE for Zoom
  • Chol HaMoed Hallel & Readings at 8:30am (Sun, Mon, Tue) - Click HERE for Zoom

Don't Passover This Important Information...

  • Click HERE for the OU's Passover Kosher Guide
  • Click HERE for Online Sale of Chametz Form

Guest Dvar Torah by Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, Hashkama Minyan

The Parasha first deals with the mitsvah of offering the olah sacrifice, one that is completely burned on the altar and not eaten. 

The word used is "Tsav." 

This is the Chabad translation of the first Rashi: The expression צַו always denotes urging [to promptly and meticulously fulfill a particular commandment] for the present and also for future generations. Rabbi Simeon taught: Scripture especially needs to urge [people to fulfill commandments,] where monetary loss is involved. — [Torath Kohanim 6:1]

I add: The Kotzker Rebbe suggested that the special urging is necessary because as soon as something is required [commanded] by a source outside ourselves we find ourselves less inclined to do it, even resisting doing it. 
With the exception of of moments of crisis, most of the time we think we know what we should do. And, however we came to this knowledge,  we see it as something to which  we ourselves have personally committed ourselves and feel like doing. But there are actions we do not really feel like doing , yet we see doing them as obligations and requirements that come from a source other than personal inclination---reason, tradition, community, etc. We have to make a special effort to "urge" ourselves to do these good things. They have a "cost"--sometimes in money, or in time, and sometimes there is a felt "cost" to our sense of simply being able to do what we personally feel like doing. We need to ask ourselves: What are the areas in my life where I think I need to make a special effort, a special "urging" to make sure that I overcome whatever is getting in the way of my  doing what I should ?  Will I make that special effort?  

Views from the Pews (Submit your view at

I was thinking of the cliche that one typically misses something only when it's gone. I hate that cliche (who knows what movie that comes from?? hint- the director is Jewish), but it's true, isn't it? 

Too often my mind wanders when I daven, and sometimes...I'm not even too crazy about showing up. But now? Darn! I would love to go to shul and sing Friday night and see my pew pals. Sigh...

I now sometimes fantasize how incredible it's gonna be the first Shabbos when we get back to shul! Our voices will roar! Our davening will be better than ever! We will soak up Rabbi Schwartz's Torah, read Len's Parsha Picks, enjoy the herring, chulent and booze. We'll never take any of that for granted ever again. Right? Of course I'm right.

So as we go stir crazy and go further into debt...remember that this will end...soon...we will get back to work and pay off that debt...and we will always have OZ as our sanctuary, and source of comfort and help. If you need confidential assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Rabbi at 

May Hashem give nechama to those who lost loved ones to this virus. We cannot be with you physically, but we are with you. 

Shabbat Shalom!

Ari Weitzner


Thu, June 24 2021 14 Tammuz 5781