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OZ Weekly - Eikev 5780 + More

08/07/2020 10:13:35 AM


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Mazel Tov

  • Rabbi Allen & Alisa Schwartz, on the Bat Mitzvah of their granddaughter Rivkah - Mazel tov to Rivkah’s parents, Chani & Joel, and to Shira, Meira, Ahuva, Sara, Shiffy and Chaim
  • Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard & Naomi Mark on the birth of a granddaughter, born to their children Elana & Yaakov Goldsmith
  • Pia & Paul Rubin, on the wedding of their son Elie to Allison Gold

Baruch Dayan Emet

  • Richard & Jane Stanger, on the passing of Richard's brother Jordan Stanger - Yisroel Ben Tzion ben Avraham Manis z'l

Rabbi Schwartz Class Update

  • Monday Night Course has concluded for the season

Minyan Update

  • Minyanim have resumed under the guidelines of the CDC, DOH, and OU/RCA. Limited minyanim are operating at partial capacity.
  • Visitors to the building must wear a mask on premises and sanitize hands. Violators will be asked to leave or temporarily forfeit the ability to participate.
  • Weekday Minyanim currently meet in the Bet Medrash and max out at 30 men and 5 women.
  • Shabbat Minyanim meet in the Main Sanctuary with 1 Person / Family per row alternating between window and aisle seat designations.
  • In the Main Sanctuary, Individuals and Families should sit in the BLUE marked seats
  • Shacharit will now start at Brachot
  • Rabbi Schwartz is emphatic that absolutely no one should feel any pressure to participate at this point.

Make a BIG Difference...

Psychological Insights into Parshat HaShavua

Youth Events



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OZ Online Opportunities -,

  • Daf Yomi Daily Conference Call

  • Zoom TNLP on Tuesdays starts at 7:30pm

  • Zoom Discover Judaism (Wednesdays) starts of 6:45pm

  • Stay Tuned for More... Events!

Parshat Eikev 5780

Friday Night

  • 6:30pm - Plag Minyan

  • 6:36pm - Zman Plag HaMincha

  • 7:46pm - Candle Lighting

  • 7:55pm - Zman Minyan

  • 8:04pm - Shkiah

  • 8:54pm - Tzeit Hakochavim


  • 6:00am - Netz HaChama
  • 7:30am - Hashkama Minyan

  • 9:15am - Minyan

  • 9:30am - Latest Shema

  • 1:01pm - Chatzot

  • 7:45pm - Minyan

  • 8:02pm - Shkiah

  • 8:45pm - Maariv

  • 8:52pm - Havdalah / Tzeit HaKochavim

Weekday Minyanim 

  • Sunday: 8:00am & 7:45pm
  • Monday - Friday: 6:00am, 7:00am & 8:00am, 7:45pm Zman Mincha Maariv
  • Next Friday's Plag Minyan is at 6:20pm
  • Shacharit now starts at Brachot

Rabbi's Blanchard's Parsha Reflection

How do we live a good life in order to be worthy of the love and blessing that comes our way? It surely is not enough that we do what is good simply in order to protect ourselves from suffering, or merely to benefit ourselves. It does not seem to me enough that we do what is right and good so that others will think well of us, or even so that we act according to what our society sees as appropriate. This kind of action rarely gets past self interest. Even when it does benefit others it is primarily rooted in our search for payoff or for our own personal success.  In fact, it is mostly about "me". 

To my way of thinking, to actually be worthy of the love and blessing that comes our way we have to start living beyond "I. me. mine"---even sophisticated versions of this , in which my "I-me-mine" also benefits your "I-me-mine". We need to reach for the common good that binds us beyond even the mutual agreement of self interested "social contracts". We need to seek the principles and purposes of our common good.  We seek what is rooted in realities that transcend the limits of our own given natural desires, perceptions, purposes and interests.  To be worthy of love and blessing, we need to seek what transcends us, whether this is philosophical, religious, mystical or spiritual.

These remarks are reflections on Deuteronomy 7:12ff. 



Sun, January 17 2021 4 Shevat 5781