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OZ Weekly - Ki Teitzei 5780 + Kiddush-To-Go!

08/28/2020 12:05:47 PM


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Kiddush-To-Go (following Main Minyan)

  • Ari & Chaya Weitzner for the Yarzheit of Ari's father Zev Dov ben Avraham z'l
  • Allen Katz & Sheryl Galler for the Yarzheit of Allen's father Moshe ben Avraham HaKohein z'l

Mazel Tov


  • Lisa & Alistair Gatoff, on the upcoming wedding of their daughter Dina to Michael Pisem
  • Dan & Randi Hefter, on the birth of their daughter, Sara Shoshana


Len's Links & Parsha Picks

  • Does Love Conquer All - click HERE
  • The First Jewish Family - click HERE

Minyan Update

  • Participants in Minyanim must follow all Shul & Social Distancing Guidelines, including wearing masks, sitting in marked seats, and following New York's self-quarantine rules
  • Rabbi Schwartz is emphatic that absolutely no one should feel any pressure to participate at this point.
  • Current Tefillah Times:
    • Shacharit
      • Shabbat: 7:30am, 9:15am
      • Sunday: 8:00am
      • Monday & Thursday: 6:00am, 6:50am, 7:50am
      • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am
      • Rosh Chodesh: 6:00am, 6:45am, 7:45am
    • Mincha/Maariv
      • Zman - Please check Calendar

Youth Events


Volunteers Needed

  • Please contact to help shop for the homebound

OZ Online Opportunities,

  • Daf Yomi Daily Conference Call

  • Zoom TNLP on Tuesdays starts at 7:30pm

  • Zoom Discover Judaism (Wednesdays) starts of 6:45pm

  • Stay Tuned for More... Events!

Shabbat Refresher Course with Adam Resnick

  • The Fall Season starts next week and will commence a review of the 39 Melachot: 
  • Topics to be covered: Reheating Food, Food preparation, Housework, Personal grooming, Appliances, Carrying, Eruvin, Muktzeh

Parshat Ki Teitzei 5780


Friday Night

  • 7:15pm - Candle Lighting

  • 7:25pm - Zman Minyan


  • 7:30am - Hashkama Minyan
  • 9:15am - Minyan

  • 7:15pm - Minyan

  • 8:15pm - Maariv

  • 8:22pm - Havdalah / Tzeit HaKochavim

Weekday Minyanim 

  • Mincha/Maariv: 7:15pm
  • Sunday: 8:00am
  • Monday & Thursday: 6:00am, 6:50am, 7:50am
  • Tues., Wednes., Fri.: 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am

Rabbi Blanchard's Parsha Reflection

Isaiah 54:1-10, uses the barren woman as a symbol.  A  pregnant woman suggests fecundity,  one or many new generations, and even the restoration and renewal of life. Typically, a barren woman symbolized the opposite. It reminds us that the transformation from barren to fruitful is not really limited to actual pregnancy and birth. Women do not actually to give birth to children in order to be generative. The symbol ,then, gestures toward  personal, national and spiritual rebirth.
In our own lives, we have periods where we are blocked, uncreative and uninspired. Our work life  or our relationships seem to be stalled, going nowhere. We lack imagination.  Realizing that alienation/exile from opportunities, possibilities, and hopes is never permanent , we ask: " What are we to do? " Then we begin our answer by recalling the resources that have worked in the past but are now eclipsed.  We assume that these resources are still on trusting in the personal/spiritual power still within us....imagine a world of expanding experience.....picture making space for new ways of renewing the times and spaces of our lives.  We talk with friends....reread the books that inspired us......listen to the music that has always lifted us up. Sometimes we just sing. Opening ourselves to regeneration and rediscovery, we renew our faith in ourselves and trust in the meaning of our lives. Barrenness and Exile are not permanent. Love is permanent. 
Isaiah 54:  10 
Though the mountains may depart
and the hills be removed
My love [loving kindness] shall never depart from you 
and My covenant of peace [wholeness]
shall not be removed--
says the One who [ in generosity and com[passion] loves you, the Eternal  



Sun, January 17 2021 4 Shevat 5781