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Updated - OZ Weekly: Miketz 5781 + 10 Teves, More...

12/18/2020 11:52:34 AM


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SoShul Distancing Guidelines- The 3 W's

  • Wear a mask at all times on shul premises (including over the nose)
  • Wash your hands and use our hand-sanitizing stations
  • Watch your space as you enter and exit, and sit in marked seats (blue tape)
  • Remember to check your symptoms at home
  • Rabbi Schwartz is emphatic that absolutely no one should feel any pressure to participate at this point.
  • To sign-up for Shabbos Shacharis in the Sukkah/Patio, please click here:


Fast of Teves Zoom Shiur with Rabbi Allen Schwartz

  • The Five Stages of Tehillim: How We Talk To G-d In Our Time Of Need
  • Friday, December 25 @ 10:00am on ZOOM
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  • UPDATED: Shabbat Youth Groups are now at Park West Village (off Columbus, behind Whole Foods)





Mazel Tov:

  • Jay & Zohara Taragin, on Barak’s upcoming Aufruf and wedding to Zahava Milstein
  • Yoni & Chloe Jaroslawicz, on the birth of Mindel Rochel - and to the grandparents, David and Rena. 
  • Rikki & Zachary Hepner, who had a baby boy on Shabbos Chanukah
  • Moshe & Emily Arfe on the birth and bris of their son, Eliezer Chaim


  • Rabbi Perry & Ilana Schafler, on the passing of Rabbi Schafler's brother, Daniel Schafler z'l. 


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Friday, December 18, 3030 | 3 Teves 5781

  • Candles: 4:12pm
  • Mincha/Maariv: 4:25pm

Shabbos, December 19, 2020  | 4 Teves 5781

  • 7:30am - Hashkama in Main Shul
  • 8:30am - Sukkah Minyan (Not Meeting)
  • 9:15am - Shacharit in Main Shul
  • 10:30am – Youth Groups in Park West Village
    • Kiddush To Go
  • 4:00pm - Mincha in Main Shul
    • Text & Context: Classic Commentaries
    • Men's Daf Yomi in the Bet Medrash
  • 5:10pm - Maariv
  • 5:21pm - Havdala

This Week’s Zman Krias Shema: 9:34am - 9:37am


  • Shacharis: 8:00am
  • Mincha Maariv: 4:25pm


  • Shacharis: 6:15am, 6:50am, 7:50am
  • Mincha Maariv: 4:25pm


  • Shacharis: 6:15am, 7:00am, 8:00am
  • Mincha Maariv: 4:25pm


  • Shacharis: 6:15am, 7:00am, 8:00am
  • Mincha Maariv: 4:25pm


  • Shacharis: 6:15am, 6:50am, 7:50am
  • Mincha Maariv: 4:25pm

Friday — Fast of Tevet

  • Fast Starts: 6:07am
  • Shacharis: 6:15am, 7:00am, 8:00am
  • 10:00am: Zoom Shiur:
  • Candles: 4:16pm
  • Mincha Maariv: 4:25pm
  • Fast Ends: 5:19pm


Hashkama Minyan - Rabbi Blanchard's Blurb

Our mistakes, especially our moral errors, need to be rectified.  We remove our guilt by correcting our misdeeds. If we think of moral error as a form of sickness,  then we need to be cured of our disease, to be healed. Or, if we see our misdeeds as a breaking or shattering of our integrity, then we need to be fixed, repaired, even re-formed. Finally, when we focus on the damage done to others or to our environment, then we talk about making things good or right, even making others whole. 
Where does "punishment for immoral acts" fit into all this? Does chastisement as punishment heal or cure us? Is it a price we pay to make things right? Is it a kind  of re-formation?  Or, perhaps, our pain is connected to the visible signs of remorse that we need to show to others in order to be forgiven by them? 
These are not easy questions to answer. What we do know, however, is that "saying sorry"  can not be a free ride. The true remorse necessary for rectifying our immoral actions expects that there will be a price to be paid. Given the way that the world is, moral error and its rectification calls forth purgatorial suffering,  We really don't like it, but, in all honesty, anything less is superficial and pathetically self-exculpatory.  And, of course, once we finish the process, we are liberated; we are reconnected with others. We become free to live better lives. 
[Thoughts occasioned by reflection on the Biblical story of Joesph and his brothers.]



Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyyar 5781