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OZ Weekly: Sukkos 5782

09/20/2021 06:10:04 PM


Chag Sameach!

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  • Artscroll Shabbos Table - Sukkos (2021) - Click HERE

Reminder: the lower Sukkah is closed due to Facade Repair. As the schedule indicates, we’ve set some time and space in the upstairs Sukkah for a Quick Kiddush (Leishev… Not Linger) with chairs, grape juice, and mezonos. The tables are set for those who made reservations.

Join OZ for our Community Sukkah Soirée Buffet on Sunday Chol HaMoed!


Great Youth Events are Happening Here!


Have a Ball with OZ at Yankee Stadium on Oct. 3!

Tue, October 26 2021 20 Cheshvan 5782