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Israel Support


There are many worthwhile places to donate much needed funds to meet the many needs facing Israel, Tzahal, and Israelis in crisis. Click here to download a list of a just a few recommended charities.


Donation Opportunities

(in no particular order)


These are organizations that are well known and reputable and who are providing direct services. There are many, many wonderful organizations addressing a myriad of needs in wartime. This is not meant to be exhaustive.


This list may be helpful to distribute to members who are looking for recommended avenues for their generosity at this time.



1.     Soroka Hospital, Beersheva, closest major hospital, treating hundreds of casualties,


Immediate Help for Soldiers

1.     Emergency Relief, Rav Rimon/Mizrachi, providing for soldiers in coordination with Army and government officials

2.     Friends of the IDF, umbrella organization providing a wide range of services

3.     BarkaiRabbi Dovid Fine, in contact with many rabbis in the field, will direct funds to immediate needs such as food and supplies for soldiers, coordinated with commanders and officers in the field

4.     Grilling for the IDF, providing food to the huge numbers of soldiers in the field, coordinated with the commanders and officers,


Communities in Need

1.     Yeshivat Sderot, provides extensive services year round to residents in Sderot,

2.     IsraHelp, providing wide range of information referral services to Israelis, including donation opportunities,


Terror Victim support

1.     One Family, extensive services for victims of terror,

2.     Koby Mandell Foundation, therapeutic programs for victims of terror,

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