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1. Brachot Name Andy & Ronnie Schonzeit
Dedication: In memory of Rhea Schonzeit, Rivka Freya bas Yaakov z'l

2. Peah Dedication: in memory of Edith Glaser z'l, and in honor of OZ

3. D'mai Open Register Now
4. Kila'im Dedication: L'ilui Nishmat Eliyau Ben Yitzhak

5. Shevi'it Dedication: in memory of Ruth bat Yisroel z'l

6. Terumot Dedication: per RAS

7. Ma'aserot Open Register Now
8. Ma'aser Sheni Open Register Now
9. Challah Open Register Now
10. Orlah Open Register Now
11. Bikkurim Open Register Now


Sun, February 18 2018 3 Adar 5778