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Hi everyone -

All of us remember fondly the first day we were able to pay our bills and our rent without help from our parents. Better to struggle and pay, rather than rely on the help of others! A great feeling of pride.


Too many of us come to shul...and someone else is paying for you. Too many of us eat and drink booze at the kiddish, come to minyan or other classes, ask the rabbi for help...and someone else pays for you. joke--what happened? 

Maybe it's because stuff like this is placed on the back burner and gets forgotten. So let this serve as a reminder. But I suspect it's also because too many of us have simply forgotten how great it feels to take ownership. 

Do you really want to be here as guests? As spectators? Or do you want to walk into this magnificent shul like a boss, and know you OWN it and you are counted among men? AMONG MEN! 

For 150 years, men came here and paid their share and bequeathed us this magnificent shul. They may be long gone....but they were RELEVANT! Now it's your turn!

For $10-20 a week, you can join me and be counted among men! You can daven at your shul, eat at your kiddish. You can look at all the names on the walls of those who came before you, and say to yourself- "yea! I also did my share!" ! I GUARANTEE it will be a great feeling.

My dad died a few years ago, and I try so hard to imitate him. I wear his watch and his hats, and I literally think about him when I make important decisions. My dad was a member of his shul, and he donated generously. Always. When I put on tefillin, discipline my kids, pay my shul dues and donate to the shul, I like the idea that I am doing what my dad did. It's a great feeling, and I want everyone to relish that feeling. Everyone. 

Wishing you a happy and healthy sweet year!

Ari Weitzner


PS-when I say "men", its a colloquialism--I mean also women!

PPS-- click HERE right now and become a member and/or make a donation!

Sat, August 17 2019 16 Av 5779