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Rabbi's Blog: Personal Covid Update + Mishnah Yomi

12/23/2021 02:16:28 PM


Dear OZ family,

Today I finished my 78th straight semester of classes at Yeshiva University. (You’d think by now I would graduate.) I had planned to travel to Israel with the Rebbitzen to finally meet our youngest grandchild, but Israel’s door is now shut. Plan B also has palm trees and I took a Covid test this morning to prepare for a visit to Ellie & Carly in Florida. An overabundance of caution has turned to disappointment as my test returned positive.


I have always worn my very effective Sonovia mask indoors since the Omicron variant began to spread. I am camped out at home, and Alisa just returned with a negative test. I am available by phone or email. The best # is 212-865-3325 or 917-270-9987. At least this time, Vasikin is almost two hours later than last time.


If you also find yourself now at home due to Quarantine or Office / School Closures, consider joining the new daily cycle of Mishna Yomi starting this Shabbos, Dec. 25. At 2 Mishnas / 5-10 minutes a day at work, at home, on the train, or on a walk, you can complete all of the Mishna within 6 years - West Side Judaica has many different editions and translations in stock, and the OU has a plethora of resources and a calendar check-list HERE.

May we all stay healthy and safe.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz



Rabbi Allen Schwartz

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Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782