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Rabbi’s Blog: Old Friends & New Friends

12/30/2021 01:00:00 PM


Dear OZ family,

As you already know, I am sorry to announce the passing of an old friend, Irving Polsky. I met Irving a few weeks before starting at OZ back in 1988, when he was sitting shiva for his mother. Their son, David was a little boy and Irving was sitting with his younger brother, Daniel.


Irving and Daniel were both very intelligent and artistic and they both demonstrated the finest qualities of sincerity and integrity. Daniel could put just about anything into poetry and Irving could put any thought or vision on paper with his very deft hand.


Over the years, Irving instructed OZ many times from his prowess as one who knew all about city contracts. His engineering acumen was admired far and wide. He and Carole were avid readers and attended many shiurim together. They helped their son, David soar to great heights of educational and intellectual development and he and his wife, Mindy and their kids are great returns on the lifelong investments Irving and Carole made. They served by example and established a moral and religious paradigm that continues through the branches of the family tree.


Irving was born the same year that our current building on 95th St. was built. He lived a full life and made it to 95. May longevity remain in the family.

Please join me also in wishing Mazel Tov to Chaim & Sara Solomon on the birth of their 5th child in Israel. 

May we all merit besoros to it and good health.

Be safe.  Be healthy. Be excellent.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz



Mon, June 27 2022 28 Sivan 5782