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Rabbi’s Blog: Tov - the Power of 17

05/03/2022 06:32:48 PM


Dear OZ family,

Those who complete the entire book of Tehillim on a monthly basis completed today’s recitation with chapter 17, which ends with a prayer to behold God and to see His countenance in an awakened state, in charity. Some actually have the custom of reciting this verse whenever giving charity.

By rights, we should all selfishly cling to our own means of survival and support, as early man did, and as animals mostly continue to do. Yet something within us calls us to be charitable, to share our resources, and to look out for others.

Every time we perform an act of kindness, a spark of God is ignited. This is not to say that only believers perform kindness, but I am suggesting that kindness does exhibit a Godly tendency for which we all have potential. In this way, we see or experience the Divine when we give Tzedaka or perform acts of Chesed. That’s what Tehillim 17 suggests and we can experience it with every act of kindness.


Today was also the 17th day of Sefirat Ha’omer, and it is the numerical value of “tov”, which means good.

Let’s be good and “see” God.

Be good. Be healthy. Be excellent.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784