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Rebbetzin's Blog: One Year Ago Today...

08/04/2022 04:14:48 PM


Dear OZ Family,

One year ago today, August 4th, I stood with the Rabbi and rang the bell at Sloan Kettering Hospital.  I had successfully finished my course of cancer treatments and I joined the group known as "survivors".  I was filled with tremendous gratitude to Hashem and to all of you for your prayers, love and, support during that difficult time.  B"H since then we have been blessed with many simchas in our immediate family as well as in our extended shul family and I feel extremely blessed.

Last year The 5K Schlep for Rabin Medical Center was the first community event I was able to participate in after completion of my treatment.  IY"h on Sunday August 21, the Rabbi and I will once again be leading Team OZ  in this walk to raise money for breast, ovarian, cervical,and prostrate cancer research.   Last year our team raised more money than any other team.  Please visit to register to walk with us or to make a donation. Please help us maintain our record of  the Best Fundraising Team for this worthy cause.

May we continue to gain strength by giving and may we all be zocheh to celebrate simchas together in good health.

Kol tuv,

Rebbetzin Alisa Schwartz



Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783