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Rabbi’s Message: The Power of Our Words

08/05/2022 02:45:02 PM


OZ Tisha B'Av Schedule + More:

Dear OZ family,


The Shabbos before Tisha B’av always begins Sefer Devarim, which means, “Words”. That is a reminder of the power of our speech, and harps back to the story mentioned in Parshat Devarim of the devastating effect of the report of the Meraglim to the camp of Israel in the desert. The “Kol” of Yaacov has always been our most powerful weapon, and we hope to harness that power over this entire weekend to vouchsafe God’s mercies and redemption. That will be done with prayers, Kinot, an inspirational Kumsitz, and appropriate shiurim for the fast. Several members of our community need our “Kol” for a Refuah Shlemah. Please have in mind the following people for our heartfelt prayers and Tehillim.


Yaacov Nagen is recovering in Israel from a brain aneurysm. His name is Yaacov Meir ben Ahuva.

Hilde Khnie, at the age of 97, just had a successful heart procedure and is recovering at NYU Hospital. Her name is Hinda bat Sara.

Israel Shoshan is recovering in rehab. His name is Yisrael Hacohen ben Rachel.

Marc Gelberman is preparing for a procedure. His name is Mordechai Shmuel ben Bluma

Stanley Nachamie needs a refuah. His name is Chaim Shlomo Yehuda ben Tziviah


Let us use the considerable power of our “Kol”, and always remember that our deeds of kindness and chesed are even more powerful.

Stay well and healthy.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

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