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Rabbi's Blog: Lavi & Primary Elections

08/23/2022 01:27:48 PM


Dear OZ family,


I heard wonderful news yesterday. An old friend, Lavi Greenspan, who davened at OZ many times, just became a chosson. His life has taken many twists and turns, and his faith never wavered. I have included a message that was sent yesterday to the OZ Women’s Living Emunah group, and it will brighten your day. This is a great week for Nechama, as Menachem Av turns to Elul. Esti and Aaron’s daughter, Nechama is now a week old, and Lavi has his Nechama, with whom he will, B’ezras Hashem share a long life of nachas and simcha. May Lavi and Nechama build a beautiful home together founded upon their unshakable faith and their resolute determination to find the good in everything life presents them.


Please remember also that today is primary day in New York. Low turnout is expected, so our votes can really make a difference. OZ has won 4 community awards since the 1990’s for our activities in improving our neighborhood. Let us do all we can to keep from losing any of what we have accomplished since then. Have a blessed day.


Stay well and healthy.  

Rabbi Allen Schwartz  




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Women's Emunah Group Message:

Lavis brother used to daven at OZ
Have you seen this? Such wonderful news. 

• If you know Lavi Greenspan, you need to read this.
• If you don’t know Lavi Greenspan, you need to read this.
• If you’re alive, you need to read this.

Lavi Greenspan is known for three things:
1- He became blind in his early 20’s, after developing a tumor.
2- He has the most incredible faith in God of any man I’ve ever met.
3- He never found a partner to live his God-centered life with.


For years, Lavi would talk about his loneliness. He wanted nothing more than to share his faithful life with his soulmate. But, for many obvious reasons, it became very difficult for him to find a woman to spend his life with.

After 20 years of searching, that stage in his life has finally come to an end, and he just got engaged to Nechama.

So let’s wish a huge Mazel Tov to Lavi and Nechama! I wish you both so much mazel, bracha, and hatzlacha in building your lives together.

You’ve taught us a few powerful lessons:

1- Never Give Up. If you’re looking for your partner in life, or trying to overcome any other struggle, NEVER GIVE UP. You never know what’s coming around the next turn.
2- When you devote your life to Hashem, it all works out. If you put Hashem first, you never come in second.
3- Life is a journey. If everything happened at once, it wouldn’t be a story. Recognize the stages, stay in the present, but passionately strive for a greater future. The best is yet ahead!


Thu, June 8 2023 19 Sivan 5783