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Rabbi’s Blog: Shine A Light... on Anti-Semitism

12/14/2022 06:22:03 PM


Dear OZ family,


This past week, a number of our elected officials gathered to express their outrage at the significant increase in Anti-Semitic attacks across the city. The main targets have been Jews who are dressed in distinctive garb, and the number of attacks are staggering even as the amount of attacks are seriously underreported. When news outlets report so negatively, and in a one-sided manner, against Charedi educational policy, and prominent coverage across mainstream media depict Israel as the aggressor in any conflict, and report a moral relativism between murderous terrorists and Israel’s defenses, is it any wonder that Anti-Semitic acts are on the rise?


All the meetings in the world won’t change our situation if repeat offenders are allowed to roam the streets continuing to spew their hatred and barbs against unsuspecting pedestrians. A man in our own neighborhood was caught with loaded weapons,  specific plans to blow up synagogues, and a bullet-proof vest, and he continues to walk the streets until his trial in February! The oldest hatred in the world is as healthy as it always was. What is different now, is the indifference of the law and the tied hands of law enforcement preventing them from doing something about it. To that we are drawing attention to these outrages at a rally in Times Square this coming Monday night at 5PM.  We need a good showing at this event, and there will be a Menorah lighting as well - a link with more information is attached here:


I am very sorry to announce the tragic and untimely passing of Elaine Mehler, sister of Fruma Riess, who was a long-time member of our community.  Also, the son of a former West Sider was tragically hit by a bus in B’nei Brak. He is out of surgery, and he needs our prayers. His name is Yehudah Ariel Halevi ben Shira. May he have a Refuah Sheleimah.


Please God may we hear besoros tovos, yeshuos and nechamos.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz


Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Congregation Ohab Zedek

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New York, NY  10025-6604

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