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Rabbi's Blog: Aid for Turkey

02/08/2023 05:17:56 PM


Dear OZ family,

The news of the tragic earthquake in Turkey and Syria has mobilized much of the Middle East to join hands in the humanitarian efforts to save as many lives as possible. With each passing hour this becomes a greater challenge. A team from Israel just this afternoon pulled 4 living people from the rubble with their state of the art machinery. Below, I have attached a message from the RCA and Chief Rabbinate of Istanbul, and how we can send funds directly the account of the Chief Rabbi to aid the victims. Rabbi Naftali Haleva, who was my student at YU close to 40 years ago, is in charge of these efforts and you can be sure that all funds will be appropriately designated. May the survivors have a speedy refuah and may the bereft families be comforted.


With blessings of peace, tranquility and safety.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz    




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In response to an email expressing the concern and support of the RCA to our chaver in Istanbul, Rav Nafi Haleva, we received the following response:

Shalom. We are OK as Jewish community in Istanbul. Thank you very much for kind message that you send. The disaster was in the southern part of Turkey. The tiny Jewish community of 14 people, 12 of them were saved. We brought them to Istanbul. The president of that community and his wife unfortunately are missing they are underground, and we are waiting for a miracle.

Due to the earthquake that deeply affected the whole of Turkey and caused great damage in ten provinces, our community will collect and send help to victims through AFAD and the Red Crescent.

Those who want to give support can send their help to the following bank account numbers of our Turkish Chief Rabbinate Foundation by writing "DONATE FOR EARTHQUAKE" in the explanation section.

  • Turkish Chief Rabbinate Foundation
  • Vakıfbank Istanbul Courthouse Branch
  • TL account TR 31 0001 5001 5800 7296 0611 88
  • USD account TR 19 0001 5001 5804 8020 7546 10
  • EURO account TR 78 0001 5001 5804 8022 2899 31
  • Rav Haleva can be contacted at:



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