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Rabbi's Blog: Let Freedom Ring?

02/12/2023 04:08:29 PM


Dear OZ family,


I teach a course at YU called archeology and the Bible. I caution my students not to try to prove Biblical events from archeological data. Such data may give testimony to what is written in Tanach, but it doesn’t prove anything. The fact is that just as someone may want to prove what is written in Tanach from archeology, someone else may try to disprove what is written from archeology.

The same is true I’m afraid when it comes to making Super Bowl predictions from the weekly Parsha. This past Friday, I used Parshas Yisro to choose the Chiefs by 10. Well that was last week’s Parsha. Jeff Korenman pointed out to me that this week’s upcoming Haftara is all about liberty and freedom, which may point in the direction of favoring the city of brotherly love, that has the Liberty Bell. In Torah, this is called “Elu v’elu”, in which case 2 opposing interpretations can both be correct. But you can’t simultaneously win and lose a football game. You can win the game and lose the spread, but this is not about betting.

I sometimes let my decision go down to what  is better for the tribe. I’m not sure, so maybe I should go back to Jerry Litwin and let him decide.

Have a Shavua tov and stay safe.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

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