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Rabbi's Message: Monday Night Mishmar, SIR, + More

02/15/2023 04:30:27 PM


Dear friends,

For those that missed Monday night's class, a recording can be found here:

As we approach Purim, we should be inspired by the words of the Megillah - that Bnei Yisrael were 'kimu v'kiblu' - they reaccepted the Torah in the same vain as 'naaseh v'nishma.' 

There are many great learning opportunities at OZ throughout the Week and on the Weekend - both in person and on zoom, and I encourage you to take part in them... And many more are coming!

This weekend we welcome Rabbi Chaim Jachter of the Bet Din of America ( as a Scholar in Residence, and in March we will once again host a 'Views from the Pews' Series in the lead up to the Shabbos HaGadol Drasha.

Looking forward to learning together,

Rabbi Allen Schwartz



Fri, June 21 2024 15 Sivan 5784