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Rabbi's Blog: Jury Duty, Israel, Mazel Tov, and Bina

02/22/2023 03:51:26 PM




Dear OZ family,


I was drafted this week for Federal jury duty. After 25 dafim of Gemara, I was pleased to learn that the defendant in my case settled and we were all sent home. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all settle our differences somewhere in between what we want and what someone else may want instead. That was an old political art-form known as negotiation, where we could debate the pros and cons of various ideas and even to (gulp) compromise. It seems that the art of compromise has surrendered to the art of loud protest, the center has surrendered to the fringes, and moderation is now a very lonely word. This is true in Israel as much as it is true here.  


In an attempt to shed some light on the political chasms in Israel regarding the current Knesset, I invited Yotam Eyal, the CEO of the Legal Forum For Israel to discuss the political scene in Israel regarding the Judiciary and the Legislature. We will begin at 7pm and we will have time for questions -


Mazel Tov to Jake & Helen Guz on the Bris this morning of their grandson, Moshe Mordechai, born to their children, Zahava and Yedidya Alper. It was a zechus for me to say the Brachos at the Bris this morning, within a year of the passing of the new baby’s namesake, Morris Schnitzer z”l. May the entire Family be blessed with Nachas and good health until 120.


Bina continues to improve. She can be visited at Mt. Sinai West on 59th St. She is on the 8th Floor, 8AE Room 34. If anybody is going soon, she would love a ripe mango. I am including the Wall Street Journal article about Bina that I sent out 3 summers ago with a Covid message: click HERE.


Stay well and healthy.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz




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