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Rabbi's Blog: Spring into Shabbos!

04/14/2023 11:30:46 AM



Dear OZ family,

After so much Yom Tov, I hope we all have the energy to prepare for Shabbos. Spring and summer are in the air, the buds look beautiful and there are 3 pear trees on the Northeast corner of 93rd and Amsterdam. There is also a pear tree on the Southeast corner of Riverside and 75th St. We can recite one of the once-a-year blossom blessing at these locations.

People have asked me about helping the Dee family of Efrat who suffered the unspeakable loss of their mother and her two daughters to Arab terrorists last week. The Rabbinical Council of America has set up a mechanism to assist the family directly. In the meantime, you can make a donation to the OZ Chesed Fund, with “Dee family“ at the memo.

I am also including a list of acceptable places to shop after Pesach. Also please remember the community Yom Hashoah program this Monday night at OZ at 8pm, followed by the reading of the names of Holocaust victims. The OZ slot is at 2:30-3am at the Jewish Center at 131 W 86th St.

On the last day of Pesach I spoke about a drasha delivered by a Rabbi Norman Lamm  50 years ago and how things are so similar today. The drasha is attached.

Also I’m sorry to inform the community of the passing of Rama Rodvien. Rama lived alone on West 104th St. and she was visited by many of our Chesed volunteers. We are working on her funeral arrangements and we will publicize the details as soon as we have them.

I am very pleased to welcome the newest member of the OZ community, Moshe Yochanan Engel. Mazel Tov to his parents, Aviva and Matthew and his older sisters. May they enjoy a lifetime of nachas from him.

Shabbat Shalom. Stay well and healthy.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

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