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Rabbi's Blog: The #98

07/17/2023 02:24:23 PM



Dear OZ family,


A few words about the # 98. That number comes up in Jewish sources in exactly opposite contexts, in blessings and curses. There are altogether, 98 curses in the Tochecha of Parshat Ki Tavo (Devarim 28), and they are all offset in the first week of marriage  in which the bride and groom share two meals a day with Sheva Brachot, totaling 98 blessings. The number 98 is indeed a blessed number for our community today.


Our oldest member is very young at heart. She has endeared herself to many of our young members and so many people love to visit her and gain form her considerable wisdom. She is as sharp, witty, wise, and has good advice for everyone. Her name is Hilde Khnie and today is her 98th birthday. My own family has been profoundly enriched by knowing her. Every descendent of hers is very accomplished and driven to make the world a much better place than the one she was exposed to as a child. Her earliest memories are of tranquil youth that was abruptly overturned with the rise of Nazism in her native Germany.


She spent intolerable years of early development under the most unspeakable conditions in the Lodzer ghetto, and then Auschwitz and other death camps, until liberation. She never made excusesand spent her life much more than making up for what was lost. She is a holy wman, who still has good advice for anyone lucky enough to receive it. Please join me in wishing Hilde Happy Birthday. She just had her hair done and she looks beautiful, as always.


I am also drawing your attention to an Israeli who was seriously wounded on Friday in a terrorist attack, along with his two young children. The children are improving, but the father needs a refuah. His name is Eliroy ben Bat Sheva. His wife’s parents were both killed in a terrorist attack 18 years ago. When will it end? Perhaps we need to enhance shalom in our own ranks before we can hope for shalom form outside our ranks.


Also, I am including an article by our member, Azi Genack, that appeared in the Times of Israel that needs our attention:


Stay well and healthy.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz


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