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Rebbetzin’s Blog - The Annual 5K Shlep

07/24/2023 05:10:18 PM




Dear OZ Family,

    By now many of you may have received an email from Rabin Medical Center asking you to participate in the NYC 5K Schlep 2023.  This is a walk that the Rabbi and I have been participating in for over a decade.  Two years ago, however, this event took on special significance to me because I had just finished treatment for breast cancer and now, I am no longer just a participant but a "survivor" as well.  Taking part in the Schlep is a concrete way for me to show my immense gratitude to Hashem for restoring me to good health and a way to pay His kindness forward by helping to raise much needed funds so others can get the treatments and screenings they need, and more research can continue.

    This year the Rabbi and I will not be at the walk because we have a family simcha in Israel.  However, I have set up our team page and Team OZ will still be participating in the walk. Nicky Debora and Shira Silton who walked with us last year have graciously agreed to be our team leaders.  To walk or run with Team OZ you can register as participant at   To make a donation visit   Please help us maintain our record as Best Fundraising Team for this worthy cause.

    In the merit of your giving may all those in our community who are in need of a refuah from cancer be restored to good health.  May the future hold simcha and bracha for our entire community.

Tizku L'Mitzvot and Kol Tuv,

Rebbetzin Alisa Schwartz


Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784