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Rabbi’s Blog - Israel: Compare & Contrast

10/20/2023 12:06:26 PM




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Dear OZ member,

Consider these contrasts:

Yesterday, an inspiring rally for Israel featured impassioned calls for the return of innocent civilians taken hostage. It featured singing, Psalms and calls for peace.

Contrast that with the gatherings of vitriolic venom spewed from the mouths of haters of Israel in the streets, college campus and even in the halls of Congress.

The Red Cross continues to fail at its mission of drawing attention to the safety of hostages. They claim that Gaza is too dangerous for them to do so, even as they are firmly embedded throughout Gaza. We must pressure them to fulfill their mission and to publicly proclaim why they are not.

Compare the unequivocally clear message delivered by college presidents in the wake of the murder of George Floyd, with the morally vacuous and obtuse statements they make now, in light of the tragedy of the Simchas Torah war. This is a wake up call of what the Ivy League is for Jews today. I have attached a letter to NYU by Rabbi Yotav Eliach, the principal of Rambam high school in this regard.

Contrast the days of rage called on by our enemies with a call by our leaders for a day of kindness and Chesed for this Sunday. We will bring light to their darkness, and while smashing their evil, respond to that evil with goodness.

Israelis are resolute of the need for unity and that sentiment is very strong. Israel will need us to press its case in every way possible. You would think that people who are smart enough to get into the Ivy League or teach there, and who could land 7 figure salaries in media, would be able to figure out what evil is, but common sense as well as common decency is not so common these days. Yisro, and Amalek both saw the exact same things, yet came to exact opposite conclusions. Amalek is regretfully, still out there and we have to fight it and counter it.

Akiva Axel was given a few hours of leave to join his wife, Charlotte as she was delivering a baby girl yesterday. Mazel Tov to Akiva’s parents, Elisabeth and Blair Axel on the birth of a granddaughter. I spoke with Akiva this morning and he is already back at his post.

May HaShem watch over our brave soldiers and may Israel emerge from the coming days and weeks strong, united and whole.

Stay strong and safe.

Shabbat Shalom

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

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From Rabbi Eliach to NYU admissions in response to their email to him:

“Dear Yotav,

This month, we're exploring how Early Decision works ahead of the NYU's November 1 EDI deadline, offering advice on what applicants should ask their college admissions reps, and more!”

Rabbi Eliach’s response:

“You sent me an email inviting my Orthodox Zionist Jewish students to apply early decision to NYU. Really?

Let me get to the point. You have too many faculty members and students who support Islamo - Nazi  Hamas and Islamic Jihad Terror organizations. The slogans: Free Palestine, and From the River to the Sea Palestine will be free all means one thing: GENOCIDE. Real Genocide of my People. Not imagined Genocide like the one that the protesters say happened or is happening to the Arabs of Gaza or the Arabs of Judea and Samaria. Since 1967 their populations have quadrupled.

What happened in the Israeli towns across the border from HAMAS controlled Gaza on October 7 2023, was a Pogrom, a mini Holocaust. 1300 of my people were butchered, raped, beheaded, burnt alive, tortured because they were Jews. To me and Millions of Jews like me in Israel and the rest of the world, the rules of the game have changed.

The Lunatic Left and the Islamo - Nazis at NYU and other "institutions of higher learning", think its "progressive" "revolutionary" to support the genocide of the Jewish Nation, especially in our homeland. The fact that some of these students or teachers may have been born Jewish is no different than the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis. Their "Jewishness" is irrelevant to me and millions of my fellow Jews. This game is over, it's done. It's not 1943 - 1944 our enemies will not throw us into ovens or slaughter us. We had no state or Army then. We do now. With God's help the IDF and the rest of Israel's Security forces, will send a very clear and loud message to all the Jew Haters:  The rules of the game have changed. It's 2023, and there will be a heavy price to pay for what the Islamo Nazis did on October 7th.

Your professors and students can chant that you want to throw us into ovens or the sea. I know: Free Speech. I guess all your "progressive" ideas of "Hate Speech" and "Microaggressions" dont apply to Jews. Not surprised. But we are not worried or scared. We are just enlightened. Our eyes are open. You really expect us to send our sons and daughters to your school? So they can go back in time, say 1943 Germany. So they can be threatened and told that they should be burned, gassed, shot, raped, tortured? Really? And we should pay for the privilege of exposing our children to what you believe is "Education". Think again. NYU and other schools like you deserve your Lunatic Left and Islamo Nazi professors and students. Enjoy each other's company. You will probably be pleased when NYU will eventually be Judenrein - German for Jew Free. I think we will make it happen. Oh yes, our money will leave with us as well. But, I bet you will find many wealthy Leftists and Islamo Nazis to contribute to your endowments.


Yotav Eliach - yes the name is Hebrew and Israeli. Does that constitute a microaggression?



Mon, December 4 2023 21 Kislev 5784