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Rabbi’s Blog: “Advanced” Societies

11/12/2023 12:00:46 PM


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Dear OZ family,


Shavua Tov.


Anyone older than 60 remembers being glued to the radios after the Yom Kippur war to hear updates of the battles. In those early dates, the State of Israel faced a genuine existential threat, and I remember the rabbi of our shul in the Bronx, who allowed us to keep our radios on a low volume for 72 hours, the following Thursday, Friday and Shabbat, on the first days of Sukkot, and then again the next week, for Shemini Atzeret, Simchat Torah and Shabbat Bereshit, to hear how the war were going. I have not heard any such allowances these days, and we all rush right after Havdalah to see what transpired in Israel over the previous 25 hours.


I wrote before Shabbos about some heroic activities of people we know. I mentioned Ruby and Melissa Taub, and you can find their picture in today’s New York Post, with a description of what they’re doing. You can also find Michele Comet’s picture in the most recent Yad Sarah publication about all of her volunteer work for that amazing institution. Marissa Rosenfeld, the daughter of Ervin and Claire, is also all over Israel delivering whatever is needed, to army bases and more, together with much love and good will. Aaron and Jill Katz’s nephew Alex is also heroically filling in an incredible amount of support all over Israel. These people are all amazing heroes, just doing what comes naturally to them.


I wrote last week about a few fundraising opportunities coming up. There is also a traveling shuk that is stopping at Lincoln Square Synagogue tomorrow between 5 and 9pm. Many sectors of Israel’s economy has been shattered by Oct. 7th and this is an opportunity to buy into Israel. Also, this coming Friday night, the shul is having a Friday Night Live Dinner & Wine Tasting, that is also a fundraiser for our Israel Emergency Campaign ( Here is another reminder about the musical fundraiser this Motza’ei Shabbos for Bet Elazraki ( It’s a “Bring your own instrument” party and I’m bringing my piano, along with Shmuel BODI Bodenheim.       


Just before Shabbat was the funeral of Sgt. Rose Lubin, a young Olah who moved to Israel as a lone soldier from Atlanta. She was murdered by a terrorist in Yerushalayim, and she had very little family in Israel. I should correct that. Her funeral was attended by so many of her brothers and sisters, that Yerushalayim was kept to a veritable standstill anywhere near Har Herzl, where she was laid to rest. Am Yisrael Echad!  Am Yisrael Chai!


Stay well and healthy.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz




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