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Rabbi’s Blog: Sacrifice & Success

01/09/2024 03:41:42 PM


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Dear OZ family,


Yesterday was an extremely difficult day for our soldiers. The very battalion that Alisa and I visited last week, Yahalom, suffered numerous casualties and many serious injuries. We sent pictures from the base and talked to many of the soldiers who serve there as well as those on Miluim. The morally vacuous people who call for cease-fire pay no attention to the barrage of rockets that continue to rain on population centers every day, and they pay no attention to 120+ hostages that remain, God help them. They pay no attention to the interviews the Chamas leadership give where they don’t hide their intention to visit on Israel the atrocities of Oct. 7th again and again and again. This is to say nothing of the murderous intention of the ones who hold the puppet-strings in Iran, as well as their proxies.


In the midst of such threats and belligerency stands a unique and incredibly dedicated people who voluntarily enter a war-zone, and a financially strapped country, to strengthen her resolve and render practical assistance. No other people can speak of such dedication. This is the omen that Avraham created when God told him to leave the comforts of Mesopotamia to move to Canaan, which at the time was a famine-zone (see Bereshit 12-13) as well as a war-zone (see Bereshit 14). Let us pray to the Almighty that He translates the dedication and Mesirut Nefesh of His people to quick success of Israel’s endeavors in securing safety for its inhabitants, and a speedy and safe return of all hostages.


By now, you have seen information about a preliminarily planned trip for the middle of February. We are planning an itinerary, and welcome input from those who are interested in joining us. I remind everyone of the rally this Friday at 9am at 47th. and 1st Ave. in front of the UN to commemorate the 100th day that hostages are kept in captivity. Also there is a weekly trek around the reservoir in Central Park that meets at 90th St. and Central Park West at 11am. Let us show our enthusiastic support for Israel in peaceful and dignified manners.  


Stay well and healthy

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

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