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Rabbi’s Blog: It's not Vague at the Hague

01/12/2024 10:43:49 AM


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Dear OZ family,

The Gemara says that just before the Messianic era arrives, truth will be invisible and lies will proliferate. We must be very close to redemption with the prosecution of Israel at the International Court of Justice on the grounds of committing genocide against the people of Gaza. Forget about the disregard of 100,000 Ethiopians killed this year, or 500,000 Syrians killed and 12 Million displaced over the last several years. The hypocrisy of those who stand against Israel at this time numbs the mind. We all know that any Arab land facing what happened on Oct. 7th, would have flattened the entire area of the perpetrators the very next day. Think Black September in Jordan, Homs in Syria, or what Sadaam Hussein of Iraq, and Moamar Khadaffi of Libya did to quell any small insurrection, to the yawning disregard of the UN, International Criminal Courts and the media, academia and politicians.

Raw and unadulterated Anti-Semitism is what is on display. We’ve seen it before throughout our history. My father would have said that this is historical business as usual, and the Holocaust just afforded us a 70 year reprieve. At great peril to her young soldiers, Israel is avoiding civilian damage at all cost, and this is how the world reacts. We must redouble our resolve to present Israel in a good light everywhere we can. The truth will come out and we must be her emissaries (that’s a pun).

We are planning our mission from Feb. 15-21, and we will discuss details of the trip as they are planned. Needless to say, what Israel needs now may change by the middle of February. More information is available at

I wish everyone Shabbat Shalom and may we hear Besorot Tovot.

Stay well and safe.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz   



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