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Rabbi’s Blog: We believe in Miracles

01/23/2024 05:34:56 PM


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Dear OZ family,


Today is a very difficult day for Israel. The highest death-toll of any day since Oct. 7th  for our soldiers came after a building collapsed on them. By population ratio, this is the equivalent of America losing 1,000 soldiers in one incident. So far over 200 soldiers have been killed and over 400, seriously wounded. This means that we must redouble our efforts in supported Israel in this very serious time of her need. What an amazing nation we are, that in such a time of military and economic turmoil in Israel, that Jews from all around the world are making plans to make it over to this tiny country and to ask, “Where can I help?” We will do the same next month on our mission, and we ask that even if you can’t go, to donate to the funds that we will be taking with us to distribute in Israel. We have been doing so all this time, and we will continue to do so.


May God see our unity and love and quickly turn His graces to a speedy resolution to Israel’s situation where she can cease the daily fear of rockets, attacks, and terroristic behavior from her neighbors. This may not be realistic in the immediate moment, but we believe in miracles. In the meantime we will also rely on our own support, with the many missions that continue to grow, for the sake of Israel and her people.


Stay well and safe.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz




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