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Rabbi’s Blog: No Quarter for Qatar

02/01/2024 06:40:45 PM


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Dear OZ family,


I’ll be leaving for Israel at this time in 2 weeks. We are preparing for a whirlwind of service to those in need, and we will be leaving much love and relief to the places we will visit and serve. If you are unable to come, please consider donating to the causes of the places we will see. You can donate to the OZ Chesed Fund with a notation for the Israel Fund. It is a breathtaking inspiration that in such a time so many Diaspora Jews are making their way to a war zone and an economically battered zone. This is just the way it was when Avraham first came to the land God said would be given to his descendants. In chapter 12 Avraham faced famine, in chapter 13 he faced the enemy, and in chapter 14 he faced war, and emerged ready for a covenant with God in chapter 15.


This is to inform you of  rallies tomorrow  in 3 cities to call attention to Qatar’s complicity in the hostage drama that outrageously continues to persist. One of the cities is home to the Qatari Consulate and that is a rally we are close enough to attend. (The other 2 are embassies in Washington DC and Ottawa). The address is 540 Madison Ave. at 12 noon (55th St.). We must cut off the head of the Chamas monster, namely at the place where the commands emanate and that is Iran and Qatar. Let us hope that the hostages are all speedily returned safely to the arms of their families.


Stay well and healthy

Rabbi Allen Schwartz




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Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784