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Rabbi’s Blog: Gather for Gazala

02/04/2024 11:25:25 AM


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Dear OZ family,


German propagandists in the 1930’s knew that if you repeated a lie often enough, people will consider it to be true. The pro-Chamas protesters and their enablers in the media and academia know this as well. Truth has been a great casualty of the atrocities of Oct. 7th and its aftermath. The poets who rhyme those who cannot hide with genocide have been attacking Google, Starbucks and get this - the New York Times(!) as supporters of genocide. They have targeted Memorial Sloan Kettering as well. Anyone who believes that Israel has the right to defend itself now supports genocide. Never mind that Google workers have sponsored numerous “Die-ins” against Israel. Never mind that Starbucks workers wear black sweatshirts that proclaim a demand to stop genocide. As far the NYT goes, see the first line of this paragraph. Their shameful record of how they reported the events of the 30’s and 40’s are well documented. This includes not only Hitler’s atrocities, but Stalin’s as well.  Like everything else in the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Party, any diversion from their orthodoxy is to be destroyed, and is certainly the object of vigorous protest. There is no room for dissent of any kind.


A Druze owned restaurant at 447 Amsterdam Ave. called Gazala’s has been subject to protest and  vandalism because many Druze have been supporting Israel in her current struggles. There will be a gathering of supporters at 12 noon today in front of the establishment (82-83 St.) Bring Israeli and American flags if you have them. Please be aware that the restaurant is not Kosher. I’d also like to draw your attention to Rabbi Yaron Levy, who will be speaking at OZ tomorrow night at 7pm. That will pre-empt my Mishle class that is usually given at that hour. Rabbi Levy runs a Mechina in Israel called Otzem, and serves at Moshav Naveh in the South of Israel. He will be speaking on the topic, “Living in Wartime: Reflections form a Gaza Border Moshav, and Chizuk For Am Yisrael During This Time”. He will inform us regarding the things needed most from Diaspora Jews during the difficult weeks and months ahead. This is especially helpful for those leaving soon on our mission and those planning to be in Israel soon.   

Maariv is at 7:45 and that will be followed by my 8pm shiur on Rav Soloveitchik.


Shavua Tov.

Stay well and healthy

Rabbi Allen Schwartz


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