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Rabbi’s Blog: March this Sunday at 72nd

03/07/2024 01:58:11 PM


Dear OZ family,

Every Friday night when I read the names of Israelis killed during the previous week, fresh wounds are opened. Every one of those names are family for us. The ominous signs from the North is that Israel is not getting relief from her plight so soon. Only one country has to defend itself for defending itself. Our brave soldiers need us, not only for our Tehillim and prayers, but also for material support.

This past Shabbos Yakir Wachstock spoke about his program, Boots for Israel, to bring special boots for the soldiers. So far they have delivered over 40,000 pairs! The point is, that while the army gives the soldiers their basic needs, they are being supplemented from all over the world to serve them with more, to keep them safer and more comfortable.

These items included better helmets and life-vests. I wore the helmet they were using, for one hour, and I felt so loopy from the weight. So an arrangement was made to get helmets that weigh less, and are more protective. All this was done with the advice and consent of the army.

The Friends of the IDF are also involved, and we are advised of many additional needs that continue to exist.

We are continuing to support an organization called Thank Israeli Soldiers. We visited their plant in Jerusalem and saw their amazing work. I wish we did not have to continue on this course, but Israel is still threatened from all sides.

This Sunday, at 11am there will be a March for the hostages who have now spent over 150 days in captivity. The world doesn’t care about the way they are continuously being tortured, because they’re Israeli. Let’s make sure that we keep their plight in public awareness. The March will start at the 72nd St bandshell.

Let us hope that in the spirit of “v’Nahafoch hu” of Purim, that Israel’s situation will soon change to assure victory against those who are sworn to destroy her.

Stay safe and we’ll.

Rabbi Schwartz


Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784