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Rabbi’s Blog: Shomer Yisrael + Mitzvah Morning & More…

04/14/2024 08:11:10 AM


Dear OZ family,

Shavua tov.

I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard of the unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel. The puppets acted on Oct. 7th, and yesterday, the ones pulling the strings acted directly. 
We are still hearing evaluations of yesterday’s terror, but it seems that the defense systems set in place have succeeded in protecting Israel’s population. 
Close to 200 drone missiles were directed at Israel. When our mission in February visited an army base, we saw these drones up front, and they are huge. They are the same ones that Chamas was using. Every one of these drones was intercepted before entering Israeli airspace.

30 cruise missiles were also all intercepted before entering Israeli airspace. 120 ballistic missiles were also shot towards Israel and some of these did manage to bypass defenses, hitting an airbase in Southern Israel, and causing some injuries.
Some additional missiles were shot from Iraq and Yemen, none reaching Israeli airspace.

Every one of these missiles is meant to hit population centers and kill civilians. The fact that defense systems prevent that, should not diminish the barbarity of Israel’s enemies. The Torah speaks of going to war with enemies who have forces and weapons far greater than ours, but we have one weapon they don’t have, and it would be obtuse of us to just say that the weapon is God.

We don’t weaponize God. Our weapon is our observance of Torah and the morality that such observance engenders, as all our prophets told us as we faced threats from ancient enemies from Egypt to Amalek, from Moav to Plishtim, from Aram to Edom, and from Ashur to Bavel.

Only an observance of God’s holy word will harness His protection. Let us all live up to that standard with Torah, Avoda and Chesed.

We have the opportunity to access all 3 this morning at OZ. We still have the 8 and 9 am minyanim. We have the daf yomi shiur at 8:45, followed by breakfast and another shiur in preparation for the Haggadah, at 9:45.

We will also have kashering of kelim for Pesach, as well as Shatnez checking. You can also arrange for the sale of your chametz, and donate to Maos Chittim, and purchase a Mezuzah.

We will have Tehillim recital at 9:35after the 3rd minyan and then again at 11am just before Steven Weiss begins sitting shiva at OZ for his brother, whose untimely and tragic passing we all mourn.

We have been told by the police that additional security for shuls and schools have been set in place at this difficult time.

Shavua tov, and stay well.

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784