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Rabbi’s Blog: OZ: In Support of Israel + March Info

05/31/2024 12:02:47 PM


Dear OZ family,

From Sderot to Metulla and from Be’er Sheva to Dan, Israelis are strengthened by their brothers and sisters from the diaspora who have come to give Chizuk. Of course, we are strengthening each other. I have spoken at a number of stops on this trip and I have pointed out that for the first time in 2,700 years, since the Assyrian exile of the ten tribes, there are more Jews living in Israel than outside of Israel.

These are indeed interesting times, and we all must do our part to be worthy for Hashem’s hands on the wheels of current events to turn in a favorable direction. For Jews in the New York area, that includes attending this Sunday’s Israel Day Parade. Just as refuseniks say that they were strengthened by the knowledge that people stood up for them, Israelis are looking towards the diaspora to see that we are standing up and marching for them. Let’s strengthen each other from both hemispheres. Jews always joined marginalized people in their struggles. We hope that all  people of good will may discern truth from bitter lies and join us in support of Israel in these difficult times. Let us be first in line to do so this Sunday.

Am Yisrael Chai!

Regards from Israel,

Rabbi Allen Schwartz

Click the Link to RSVP with West Side Walking Group:

Rally Rules

We are asked to please share these details with our congregants, as our Manhattan synagogues make up the core of our spectators and supporters, and we hope to make this Sunday as smooth as possible for all.  

  • The event kicks off at 11:30 am, but spectators should arrive early and expect security screening. Viewing areas along the route will open at 10:00 am.
  • Entry for spectators is only permitted from the east side of Manhattan via designated access points on Madison Avenue at 61st, 63rd, 66th, 70th, and 73rd Streets.
  • No access will be allowed from Central Park or the west side of Fifth Avenue.
  • Viewing areas are limited this year with no spectators permitted below 62nd Street.
  • Crossing from one side of Fifth Ave to the other is only possible at 51st, 59th, and 79th Streets along the route.  
  •  Only pre-registered marching groups in official shirts/uniforms will be allowed on Fifth Avenue itself.
  •  For everyone's safety, large bags, backpacks, and umbrellas are prohibited. Strollers are strongly discouraged.
  • The parade will also be broadcast on TV (My9) and live-streamed online for those unable to attend in person.




Wed, July 24 2024 18 Tammuz 5784