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The undersigned (the “Host”), intending to be legally bound, hereby enters into this Facility Use Agreement (this “Agreement”) with Congregation Ohab Zedek (“OZ Facility”). By her or his signature below, the Host agrees to comply with all terms and conditions of this agreement and agrees that such terms shall be enforceable against the Host and the Host’s guests, servants, employees, agents, contractors, or other representatives who use the facilities of OZ Facility pursuant to this Agreement.

Terms and Conditions

1. The Host shall pay the fees set forth in this agreement. Fifty Percent (50%) of the fees shall be payable upon execution of this Agreement and the remaining Fifty Percent (50%) shall be payable not less than three (3) days prior to the event.

2. Should the Host cancel the event more than 21 days in advance of date of event, the deposit will be refunded with the exception of a 10% cancellation fee. Should Host cancel the event less than 21 days before the date of the event, the deposit will be refunded with the exception of a 25% cancellation fee.

3. The Host shall leave the OZ Facility in broom clean condition as discussed and arranged with office and shall be liable for any damage to the OZ Facility caused by the Host or the Host’s guest, service providers, employees, agents, contractors or representatives. The Host shall replace or repair (or at the option of the OZ Facility reimburse OZ Facility for replacing or repairing) any damage, loss or breakage at the Host’s expense within 10 working days of notice from OZ Facility.

4. Not less than three (3) days prior to the event, the Host will also deposit two hundred fifty dollars ($250) as a security against any violation of the terms and conditions of this Agreement or damage to the OZ Facility. The OZ Facility shall deduct from the deposit the cost of any damage, loss, labor required, breakage of any kind not replaced or repaired by the Host to the satisfaction of the OZ Facility. The remaining security deposit, if any, shall be returned to the Host within sever (7) days of the event.

5. The Host acknowledges and agrees that the OZ Facility is a place of worship and that all events shall be conducted in accordance with Jewish Law and the customs of the Synagogue, including but not limited to the following: (a) any caterer must be approved by the Rabbi of the Synagogue, (b) all food and drink brought into the synagogue must bear reliable kosher certification, and (c) if the event is held on the Jewish Sabbath or a Jewish Holiday there shall be no use by any attendee, amateur or professional, of electronics including but not limited to cameras, video cameras, microphones, recording devices, instruments, radios, or record players. To the extent that the Host utilizes a caterer, if applicable such caterer must provide a certificate of insurance at least seven (7) days prior to the event to the OZ Facility in amounts and of the types acceptable by the OZ Facility.

6. There shall be no smoking anywhere inside the OZ Facility.

7. All deliveries (including deliveries to and from a caterer) shall be made through the side entrance (not the main OZ Facility entrance). 8. The Host must provide proof of insurance. Deliveries on Friday or the day before a Jewish Holiday shall be made before 12 noon. Party tables, chairs, and caterers equipment must be removed from the OZ Facility no later than 24 hours after the conclusion of the event (but not during the Jewish Sabbath or Jewish Holiday). Friday Deliveries to the Social Hall can only be made after 3:00pm

if applicable
if usage requires multiple sessions or calendar days, please include and describe here:

Kosher provider required.
Include wait staff and mashgiach separately, if not provided by Caterer

If you require security, there is a fee (based on 4 hours). This fee will be added to the final rental fee once confirmed.

You must test equipment before your event


Upon submission, the office will reach out to you about date and payment details.

Please contact the Office about rentals of / for the Main Sanctuary, Sukkah Space, Wedding Packages, and Full Shabbat Packages (eg Bar Mitzvah, Aufruf, or Sheva Brachot weekends).

Member Rental:

  • Bris: $613
  • Other Rental: $750
  • Tot Birthday Special: $450 (Sundays Only in Social Hall)
  • BBQ Rental: $180

Non-Member Rental:

  • Bris: $750
  • Other Rental: $1000
  • Tot Birthday Special: $540 (Sundays Only in Social Hall)
  • BBQ Rental: $250


  • Maintenance Tip: $180
  • Sound System / Projector / Monitor: $100
  • Security: $50/20 per hour, 4 hour minimum.
  • Mashgiach Fee: $180

Certain rentals will require a Certificate of Insurance.

Rentals are usually for 4 hours, and evening rentals are expected to conclude by 10:00pm. Special timing can be accommodated upon request.


Fri, July 19 2024 13 Tammuz 5784