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OZ Weekly - Bamidbar 5780 + Shavuot is Coming!

05/22/2020 10:28:23 AM


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  • Meets 8:00pm on Monday Nights with Rabbi Allen Schwartz

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    • May 25 - Rabbi's New Book Launch - Conflict & Resolution in the Prophets

    • June 1 - Rabbi's Annual Siyum HaShas

Pre Shavuot Lunch & Learn

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    • Monday, May 25 - Yechezkel’s Mysterious Chariot (R' Schwartz)

    • Tuesday, May 26 - Is Shavuot an Agricultural Holiday (R' Zolty)

    • Wednesday, May 27 - 2nd Day Haftorah: Why Habakuk?

Mazel Tov

  • Rachel Traurig, on her marriage to Josh Rothberger

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Rosh Chodesh Sivan 5780

  • Sunday May 24
  • Zoom Hallel & Readings at 9:00am (
  • Remember to include Birchat HaChodesh on Shabbat, and start Yaaleh V'Yavo Motzei Shabbat Maariv


  • The May Lunch & Learns have been dedicated in memory of our dear friend, Ken Bossewitch z'l

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Torah Thought by Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard, Hashkama Minyan

Why do we count things? Typically, we have practical concerns - objectives, goals - and we need to know if we have enough resources to do so. We want to use what we are counting. Do we have enough food for our guests?  Enough paint to cover al the walls? Enough capital to last the next few quarters? This is enumeration..1,2,3....But: we sometimes count  what we have just because we love and appreciate it. Counting is a way of reviewing what we care about, a way of putting it into order. Show me what you put time into counting and arranging without any particular task to be performed and I'll show you what you hold dear, what you value just for itself, what you find intrinsically worthy of attention of your concern and commitment. We sometimes count just because we love and cherish.  

* At the beginning of the book of Numbers, G'd orders yet a third census, a counting of the People Israel--the first was after the Exodus, the second after the episode with the Golden Calf and this third counting precedes the building and installation of the desert sanctuary in which G'd will be present with the People and where He will speak with Moses.  Rashi , following a rabbinic text, comments that G'd counts Israel the "census" of the People is out of love, because they are so dear to Him. Although each census might have a practical concern, these sources insist that it is fundamentally not because G'd wants to use Israel but because he holds them dear.  The above are my brief reflections on this one small but essential point. 

Shabbat Mevorchim - Bamidbar 5780



  • 6:42pm - Plag HaMincha

  • 7:00pm - Zoom OZ Community Kabbalat Shabbat with Allen Katz

  • 7:56pm - Candle Lighting

  • 8:14pm - Shkiah (Sunset)

  • 9:04pm - Tzeit HaKochavim (Night Fall)


  • 44th Day of the Omer

  • Pirkei Avot Chapter 6

  • Birchat HaChodesh (RC Sivan on Sunday, molad was Friday at 11:42 AM and 13 chalakim.​​​​​​​)

  • 5:31am - Netz HaChama

  • 9:12am - Latest Shema

  • 12:53pm - Chatzot

  • 8:14pm - Shkiah

  • 9:04pm - Havdalah / Tzeit HaKochavim

  • Remember to include Yaaleh v'Yavoh in Motzei Shabbat Maariv


Sunday is Rosh Chodesh Sivan

  • remember to include Yaaleh v'Yavo, Musaf, Half Hallel
  • Rabbi Schwartz will be hosting Zoom Hallel & Torah Reading at 9:00am


Wed, September 30 2020 12 Tishrei 5781