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OZ Weekly - Beha'alotcha 5780 + More

06/12/2020 12:46:50 PM


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Minyan Update

  • Click HERE to access the RSVP form.
  • Phase 1 Minyanim have resumed under the guidelines of the CDC, DOH, and OU/RCA. Limited minyanim are operating and filling at capacity.
  • Visitors to the building must wear a mask on premises. Violators will be asked to leave or temporarily forfeit the ability to participate.
  • You must be pre-registered for a minyan. Currently Members observing Kaddish or Yarzheit will have priority. If you are NOT pre-registered, you will NOT be allowed to enter.
  • Rabbi Schwartz is emphatic that absolutely no one should feel any pressure to participate at this point.

Make a BIG Difference...

Rabbi Schwartz's "G-d Series" continues on Zoom...

Zoom Lunch & Learn Continues in June!

Psychological Insights into Parshat HaShavua

  • with Rabbi Tsvi Blanchard (Hashkama Minyan)
  • starts Sunday, May 31 at 6:15pm
  • Zoom info at

Volunteers Needed

  • Please contact to help shop for the homebound

OZ Online Opportunities -,

  • Daf Yomi Daily Conference Call

  • Zoom Maariv & Mishna - Sunday - Thursday at 8:45pm in May

  • Zoom TNLP on Tuesdays starts at 7:30pm

  • Zoom Discover Judaism (Wednesdays) starts of 6:45pm

  • Zoom "History of Jewish Humor" with Micah Halpern - Select Thursdays in June at 7:30pm

  • Stay Tuned for More... Events!

Parshat Beha'alotcha 5780

Friday Night

  • 6:54pm - Plag HaMincha

  • 8:10pm - Candle Lighting

  • 8:28pm - Shkiah (Sunset)

  • 9:18pm - Tzeit HaKochavim (Night Fall)


  • 5:24am - Netz HaChama

  • 9:09am - Latest Shema

  • 12:56pm - Chatzot

  • 8:29pm - Shkiah

  • 9:19pm - Havdalah / Tzeit HaKochavim




Tue, April 13 2021 1 Iyyar 5781