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UPDATED: OZ Rosh Hashana 5781!

09/18/2020 11:13:03 AM


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Celebrate the High Holidays at OZ

  • Yom Kippur Seating will resume after Rosh Hashana
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding as we arrange seating according the distancing guidelines - we hope iyH next year to resume preferred seating
  • Rosh Hashana Seating List, Schedule, and Seating Maps:
    • Please arrive 15-20 minutes early to allow for spaced entry
    • Please bring your own machzor if you can
    • Note names appear under the account registered - and if you rsvp'd for moee than one minyan you name may appear 2 times (Eg Sukkah Mincha & Early Shacharit)
    • Please sit only in your assined seat. The Main Shul Morning & Evening services, Sukkah Minyan are closed out. 6:30am Shacharit & 8:00am Sephardic Minyan still have seats available.

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Have a Blast! - UPDATED

  • High Holiday ZOOM Classes with Rabbi Allen Schwartz
  • (Zoom, Schedule, Sponsor)
    • Sept. 21 @ 8:00pm — Haftorah of Yom Kippur
    • Sept. 24 @ 8:00pm — Shabbat Shuva — How Our Prayers Help Us Repent: Liturgies of Atonement & Forgiveness
    • Wednesdays @ 8:00pm - Minchas Chinuch: The Holiday Mitzvot, meets on Tuesdays, Sept. 16, 23, 30

Minyan Update

  • Participants in Minyanim must follow all Shul & Social Distancing Guidelines, including wearing masks, sitting in marked seats, and following New York's self-quarantine rules
  • Rabbi Schwartz is emphatic that absolutely no one should feel any pressure to participate at this point.
  • Current Tefillah Times:
    • Shacharit
      • Shabbat: 7:30am, 9:15am
      • Sunday & Legal Holiday: 8:00am
      • Monday & Thursday: 6:00am, 6:50am, 7:50am
      • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:00am, 7:00am, 8:00am
      • Rosh Chodesh: 6:00am, 6:45am, 7:45am
    • Mincha/Maariv
      • Zman - Please check Calendar
  • Selichot Schedule
    • Times posted for Shacharit Minyan start with Selichot
    • Late Night Maariv & Selichot at 10:00pm Monday - Thursday

Youth Events

  • Youth Corner below

Volunteers Needed

  • Please contact to help shop for the homebound

OZ Online Opportunities,

  • Daf Yomi Daily Conference Call

  • Zoom TNLP on Tuesdays starts at 7:30pm

  • Zoom Discover Judaism (Wednesdays) starts of 6:45pm

  • Stay Tuned for More... Events!

Shabbat Refresher Course with Adam Resnick

  • The Fall Season has started with a review of the 39 Melachot
  • Topics to be covered: Reheating Food, Food preparation, Housework, Personal grooming, Appliances, Carrying, Eruvin, Muktzeh

Friday September 18 Erev Rosh Hashana
6:41 PM Candles  
6:50 PM Mincha & Maariv Main Shul
6:50 PM Mincha & Maariv Sukkah
Shabbat September 19 Rosh Hashana 1
6:30 AM Shacharit (HaMelech) Main Shul
8:00 AM Shacharit (Nishmat) Sukkah / Social Hall
8:00 AM Shacharit (Sephardic) Bet Medrash
9:15 AM Shacharit (Brachot) Main Shul
6:30 PM Mincha Main Shul
6:30 PM Mincha Sukkah / Social Hall
6:57 PM Shkiah  
7:47 PM Candles  
Sunday September 20 Rosh Hashana 2
6:30 AM Shacharit (HaMelech) Main Shul
8:00 AM Shacharit (Nishmat) Sukkah / Social Hall
8:00 AM Shacharit (Sephardic) Bet Medrash
9:15 AM Shacharit (Brachot) Main Shul
1:30 PM Shofar Shul Front
2:00 PM Shofar 89th & Riverside
3:30 PM Shofar Shul Front
4:00 PM Youth Shofar & Tashlich Central Park
6:35 PM Mincha Main Shul
6:35 PM Mincha Sukkah / Social Hall
6:55 PM Shkiah  
7:45 PM Havdala  

Weekday Minyanim  * Selichot Start - Please Note Times

  • Selichot will not meet Sunday Motzei Rosh Hashana
  • Weekday Mincha/Maariv: 6:40pm
  • Late Maariv & Selichot: 10:00pm
  • Monday - Tzom Gedalia
    • Fast Starts 5:31am
    • Fast Ends: 7:33pm
  • Monday - Friday Aseret Yemei Teshuva
    • 6:30am Selichot followed by Shacharit in Main Shul (6:20 on Mon & Thu)
    • 7:30am Selichot followed by Shacharit in Bet Medrash (7:20 on Mon & Thu)
    • 7:30am Zoom Selichot (7:20 on Mon & Thu)
      • Meeting ID: 833 4680 9523
  • Sunday, Erev Yom Kippur
    • 7:50am Selichot followed by Shacharit in Main Shul
    • 1:16pm Mincha in Main Shul
    • 4:15pm Mincha in Main Shul



Sun, January 17 2021 4 Shevat 5781