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OZ Weekly: Yisro 5782 + More...

01/21/2022 11:33:46 AM


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Annual Dinner & Community Celebration

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  • Aharon Plumer
  • Dovid Braverman


  • Elana Flaumenhaft, for last week’s inspiring OU Torat Imecha Shiur
  • Sarah Stambler, for organizing the Tu b’Shevat Seder w/Micah Halpern


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  • SIR: Rabbi Mordechai Becher, Shabbos, Feb. 25-26, 2022
  • Knish Kiddush, SuperBowl Party, Professionals Plus Pre-Purim, YP Shabbarbeque


JAM: Jewish American Moments

  • Join Micah Halpern for an exciting series on Select Wednesdays at 7pm
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  • 2/9 - New York City
  • 2/16 - Presidents Day
  • 3/2 - Capitalism
  • 3/9 - Hollywood

Please keep in mind for Refuah Sheleimah: Aliza Chana bas Osna Frieda Yael

Friday, January 21, 2022 (Shevat 19, 5782)

  • 4:42pm Candle Lighting
  • 4:50pm Zman Mincha Maariv

Shabbos, January 22 (Shevat 20)
Parshas Yisro

  • 7:30am Hashkama
  • 9:15am Shacharis
  • Youth Groups
  • Kiddush following Services
  • 4:00pm Text & Context: Parsha
  • 4:35pm Mincha
  • 4:55pm Shalosh Seudos
  • 5:45pm Maariv
  • 5:51pm Havdalah

Sunday, January 23 (Shevat 21)

  • Shacharis: 7:00am & 8:00am
  • 4:50pm Zman Mincha Maariv

Monday, January 24 (Shevat 22)

  • Shacharis: 6:10am, 6:50am, 7:50am
  • 4:50pm Zman Mincha Maariv
  • 8:00pm Late Maariv

Tuesday, January 25 (Shevat 23)

  • Shacharis: 6:10am, 7:00am, 8:00am
  • 4:50pm Zman Mincha Maariv
  • 8:00pm Late Maariv

Wednesday, January 26 (Shevat 24)

  • Shacharis: 6:10am, 7:00am, 8:00am
  • 4:50pm Zman Mincha Maariv
  • 8:00pm Late Maariv

Thursday, January 27 (Shevat 25)

  • Shacharis: 6:10am, 6:50am, 7:50am
  • 4:50pm Zman Mincha Maariv
  • 8:00pm Late Maariv

Friday, January 28 (Shevat 26)

  • Shacharis: 6:10am, 7:00am, 8:00am
  • 4:50pm Candle Lighting
  • 5:00pm Zman Mincha Maariv


Hashkama Minyan - Rabbi Blanchard's Blurb

  • In our world of so many different and opposite kinds of things, is there an underlying unity? For the Greeks,  maybe water, maybe matter, or maybe mind. Or, for the more mystically inclined, the creative, world-ordering presence of the Divine. In our own lives as well we may ask:  Is there any way to bring together our many different wants, goals, drives, interests, theories and perceptions? Is there somehow a "unity", a unifying task, purpose or goal to our existence?  Such unity seems to require a conjunction of opposites--different things somehow paradoxically actually being the same. And it is not not very easy for us to see how even the Creator of the world would be able to achieve such a joining of opposites. How is it, then, that we seem to live in one world and in many worlds all at the same time? 
  • Reflections on Exodus 20:1ff and rabbinic commentary on the Ten commandments 
Mon, November 28 2022 4 Kislev 5783