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Rabbi’s Blog: OZ: Yom HaZikaron & Ha'Atzmaut + Scholar in Residence

05/13/2024 01:09:15 PM


Dear OZ family,


The State of Israel makes a highly emotional transition from its saddest day, Yom Hazikaron, today, to its happiest day, Yom Ha’atzmaut, which will be celebrated tomorrow.


Our West Side community event will be at...

Rabbi’s Blog: Transition from Nissan to Iyyar

05/09/2024 03:10:45 PM


Dear OZ family,

The end of Nissan to the beginning of Iyar makes a surreal transition from a day commemorating the murder of 6 million Jews, the absolute low point of our 2,000 year diaspora, to a day commemorating the return of our exiles to our ancestral homeland. The two dates are 27 Nissan and 5 Iyar. Even fewer days separate the saddest day on our calendar, Tisha B’av, and one...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: "Tom" Elyon

04/18/2024 11:23:22 AM


Dear OZ family,


Last week’s unprecedented murderous Iranian attack upon Israel has driven the plight of the hostages from the world’s attention. The fact is that the world never cared much for their plight. Every other country in the world would have cut off water, food, medicine and electricity, on Oct....Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Shomer Yisrael + Mitzvah Morning & More…

04/14/2024 08:11:10 AM


Dear OZ family,

Shavua tov.

I’m sure that by now, you’ve heard of the unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel. The puppets acted on Oct. 7th, and yesterday, the ones pulling the strings acted directly. 
We are still hearing evaluations of yesterday’s terror, but it seems that the defense...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Deeply Rooted...

04/12/2024 12:11:42 PM


Dear OZ family,


The shock of the sudden and tragic passing of Tom Weiss is still with us, but I am sending a brief message that I believe Tom would want to have delivered. He loved every aspect of his Jewish observance. He loved it so much that he usually sang about it any time he could. I recall that he...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: After Shocks….

04/05/2024 02:19:13 PM


Dear OZ family,


By now everyone is talking about the 4.8 level earthquake that was measured in our area. This calls to mind the prophet Amos, who used natural events to relate the word of God to his people. He refers to earthquakes and tsunamis, (see chapter 9), as well as to a total eclipse of the sun (see Amos 8:9). Amos is not alive today, nor are...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Breaking Norms

04/01/2024 12:58:05 PM


Dear OZ family,


We’ve been saying for years that, “It can’t happen here”. The norm in so many places in Europe, South America, and Australia, for so long, of the presence of guards at the front of synagogues and schools, is now the norm here. In many shuls, you can’t enter on Shabbos morning, unless...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Soldiers, Support, and Senator Lieberman

03/29/2024 03:22:52 PM


Dear OZ family,


Every Friday night, I approach the podium with trepidation as I prepare to read the names of soldiers who were killed since the previous Shabbos. I spoke earlier with Akiva, who has a week off from his duties in Gaza. He is so cheerful and optimistic, of what Hashem has in store for Israel in...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Purim - A Festival For Us

03/24/2024 05:14:46 PM


Dear OZ family,


After the Megillah, we read a bracha that begins with the words, “Harav es Riveinu, Hadan es Dineinu, Hanakam es Nikmaseinu”, which translates to God fighting our many battles, adjudicating our many judgements, and avenging our enemies of their attacks against us. This stands in contrast to the Al Hanissim prayer of Chanukah,...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: The Art of Remembering + Guest Speaker

03/22/2024 12:37:56 PM


Dear OZ family,


The reading of Parshat Zachor this Shabbat fulfills a Torah law to remember events that took place over 3,300 years ago. The Holocaust, which is recorded and archived so meticulously, is denied within dwindling living memory of the events. A recent poll indicates that 90% of Palestinians deny the...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Graffiti Update + Tehillim

03/20/2024 04:49:22 PM


Dear OZ family,


Our salvation in the Purim story began with Esther instructing Mordechai to gather all the Jews together in prayer and in fasting. She realized that when we are gathered together, our merits abound. Tomorrow is a fast day, named for Esther, and Jews around the world will gather in prayer and...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: West Side will Stand Together

03/18/2024 10:05:02 AM


Dear OZ family,


By now you have probably heard of the horrific acts of Jew-hatred perpetrated right here in our backyard.

Two people were also assaulted on 100th Street; and Graffiti was sprayed in Riverside Park and outside the Israeli Effy's Cafe on 96th Street...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Purim & Remembering

03/15/2024 12:17:42 PM


Dear OZ family,


With Purim and Pesach around the corner, a number of Mitzvot of remembrance are upon us. First, we have Parshat Zachor next week, to assure that we draw attention to evil, and to remind the world that Haman’s disciples are still with us. The world will always bid us to forget and move on....Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Avinu Malkeini - Update

03/11/2024 03:59:03 PM


Dear OZ family,


We have been adding Avinu Malkeinu to our daily liturgy since Oct. 9th. Avinu Malkeinu relates to God as a beloved father who wants to forgive us for all the messes we make, and it also relates to God as our King who wants to pardon us for all our iniquities. We refer to God in these terms in...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: March this Sunday at 72nd

03/07/2024 01:58:11 PM


Dear OZ family,

Every Friday night when I read the names of Israelis killed during the previous week, fresh wounds are opened. Every one of those names are family for us. The ominous signs from the North is that Israel is not getting relief from her plight so soon. Only one country has to defend itself for defending itself. Our brave soldiers need us, not...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: March Madness

03/01/2024 12:18:32 PM


Dear OZ family,


Shalom U’vracha,


Chazal say that just before the Messianic arrival, the world will devolve into chaos. Rambam cautioned us to point to any particular signs to herald the redemptive age, but that we...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: It Is Exceedingly Good

02/28/2024 02:03:50 PM


Dear OZ family,

Shalom U’vracha.

Rabbi’s Blog: OZ v'Hadar

02/23/2024 12:53:15 PM


Dear OZ family,

Some of the participants from our Israeli mission are in Israel this Shabbat and some have returned. This week and next, at Seudah Shlishit, we will hear reflections of those who attended, and I invite everyone to hear about our trip, and to be inspired to commit to our next mission, which will be I”YH, in May. We are told that what Israel needs now, they will continue to need for some months, so we hope we can...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Missive from the Mission

02/22/2024 12:57:15 PM


Dear OZ family,

For the first time in a week I have a moment to collect my thoughts with enough time to reflect in print, about our amazing mission to Israel.

First of all, a great Yasher Koach to Chad Hopkovitz our Executive Director for arranging everything in advance with such precision and care on short notice. A lot of preparation went into this mission and every part of it was suffused with meaning and...Read more...

Rebbetzin's Blog: West Side Women Unite

02/16/2024 01:18:25 PM


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Dear OZ family,

Women of the West Side untie to show love and support to Am Yisrael!

Please join us for a special evening for inspiration and hope, including Tehillim & Prayers for our Soldiers & Hostages on...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Don't Miss the Mission!

02/14/2024 05:59:31 PM


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Dear OZ family,


President’s Week is turning out to be a busy time for missions to Israel. The hotels are all overbooked with, can I call us missionaries?, and  Israelis from the North and the South, and we are...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Hostages Return + Tzalash

02/12/2024 05:15:00 PM


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Dear OZ family,


By now you have surely heard of the daring and heroic rescue of 2 of the...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Chodesh Tov - Lashon Tov!

02/09/2024 01:11:43 PM


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Dear OZ family,


Chodesh Tov.

I invite everyone who...

Rabbi’s Blog: Emissaries for Truth

02/05/2024 01:31:41 PM


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Dear OZ family,


My father was born in a city called Lutsk in Northwestern Poland. The...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Gather for Gazala

02/04/2024 11:25:25 AM


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Dear OZ family,


German propagandists in the 1930’s knew that if you repeated a lie often enough, people will consider it to be true....Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: No Quarter for Qatar

02/01/2024 06:40:45 PM


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Dear OZ family,


I’ll be leaving for Israel at this time in 2 weeks. We are preparing for a...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Unwrapping UNWRA

01/31/2024 11:38:31 AM


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Dear OZ family,


Yesterday, Congress heard 3 hours of testimony regarding the United Nations and...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: Supportin’ Morton

01/28/2024 06:40:43 PM


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Dear OZ family,

Shavua Tov.

Every minyan wherever you go concludes with additional chapters of Tehillim to gain Divine favor and...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: International Holocaust Remembrance Day

01/26/2024 12:58:36 PM


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Dear OZ family,


Tomorrow is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. The day was chosen...Read more...

Rabbi’s Blog: In Good Faith...

01/24/2024 07:03:42 PM


Join the new OZ Israel WhatsApp:     Dear OZ family,   The media is reporting about negotiations that are underway for the release of Israeli hostages in Gaza. We can expect Israel to be presented as the hardliners preventing a deal from being made. We can...Read more...
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